The Herman Weyl Prize

    The purpose of the Weyl Prize is to provide recognition for young scientists who have performed original work of significant scientific quality in the area of understanding physics through symmetries.
    Their contributions should be in one or more of the following fields: group theory; development of new mathematical tools for the description of physical phenomena; interpretation of experimental results; formulation of general laws based on symmetries.
    The members of the Weyl Prize 2018 Selection Committee are:
    L. Vinet (Montreal U, chair)
    M. A. Lledó (Valencia Univ.),
    S. Sheikh-Jabbari (IPM, Tehran)
    F. Toppan (CBPF, Rio Janeiro)
    N. Stoilova (INRNE, Bulgarian Acad. Sc., Sofia)
    The awardees in 2018 are Simon Caron-Huot (McGill) and David Simmons-Duffin (Caltech)

    Weyl Prize awardees:

    2016: Vasily Pestun

    2014: Yuji Tachikawa

    2012: Razvan Gurau

    2010: Giulio Chiribella

    2008: Shahin Sheikh-Jabbari

    2006: Bojko Bakalov

    2004: Nikita Nekrasov

    2002: Edward Frenkel


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